Thursday, November 29, 2007

The dream is over...

Well, perhaps "dream" is too strong a word. Intention, perhaps?

Anyway, did no writing this week at all so my word count to RBRI was pitifully low. I'd like to think I had some excuse for this failure, for example

* Wrote one or more other better books! (I meant to but never got near it)
* Completed my WB course (Ha!)
* Wrote and submitted lots of articles (yeah, right)
* Planned and executed loads of toy presents (Sorry, neither -Squidgey probably won't talk to me)
* Got a job (never applied)
* Did the MOS exams (Not even one)
* Tidied my room (I wish)
* Cleaned the house (never)
* Caught up on all my sleep so I won't have to have any more for months (still exhausted)

Well, I did keep up with all the imbecilic posts on Amazon ABNA! (Wow!) And answered emails...

There's always next year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


If you're Mungo!!!!

3000 words may be doable but it ain't easy! I did a sum total of 998 (I have now reached the grand total of 21000 words - I should be 33340). Most of this was due to a lack of ideas on what to do next. As I have said already, i only had a story idea - never a plot! And it's groaning now - I've run out of steam, I've too many boring characters who are boring each other as much as me, there's no pace, no tension, and it's dully written.

Makes the original Black Rabbit Island look like a masterpiece!

So I spent the day working on Snatched.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Today I should have been writing my thirty-one thousand six hundred and seventy-third word (31,673!).

Instead, after a huge effort, I reached 20,002.

Which I was quite pleased with until I realised I should have been one and a half times that amount, and that there are only 11 days to go...

3,000 words a day from now on.


Friday, November 16, 2007


Perhaps it's due to my scanning tasks being over for the moment...or little Tofpot being tired today!

Anyway, I've got the daily word count of 1667 done - actually did 2235 today. My total is still a long way from what it should be - it's now 11,355.

I have a personal target of getting it up to 14000 today (another 2645 words), but although I started early, I don't think I'll have time to get back to it today.

For those interesting in the scanning process. I did some timings last night - it takes 1min 8 secs to scan a page on my printer into word on the pc. Although I worked out a speedy efficient system , the pc stops accepting the scans after so many pages, necessitating a full reboot. I typed a page for comparison - even at my speedy best I could only do it in 3 minutes, 48 seconds. I know I have to do further work on the scanned pages - correct punctuation and change the formatting, but it's still much quicker (for me) to scan!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


For Tofpot as well, cos I only picked her up for a couple of quick hugs any time she asked, so she had to make do with her only soft rugs to sleep on.

Nano is half way over today - I should be at 25000 words!

I decided I would be ambitious but not too much so - I'd try and get my word count up to 12000 in total today.

Alas I only made 9120...

On the upside, I guess I got my "daily" word count done. Don't seem to have got anything else done today though! :(

There's always tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Not, I quickly add, the total I should be at today - which is almost half-way, at 23,338 words.

No, today I finally wrote the required 1667 words plus an extra 66 words.

I now have reached the grand total of 7, 389 words!

Well, could be worse, I suppose.

Today Tofpot did her best to disrupt my writing by pleading to be allowed to sleep in my lap instead of on her mat. Auntie P always picks her up, she said, so what could I do? :)

No news today (or should I say tomorrow?) yet from our travelling Nanowrimo, and sadly no word wars. 2008 will be the big year - to beat our record and all other records!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Not quite, just across the globe!

Yep, had fun last night with Inkpot in NZ - I thought I did well with my word count but she beat me hands down.

Must be that pure clean NZ air!